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Using Bitcoins as Bets in Gambling

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015 in Entertainment, Internet |

Ever since the innovation of bitcoins many people have started to slowly accept it as a form of currency. Despite the fact that the value of bitcoin has decreased significantly many people still prefer using it especially when it comes to online transactions. It is also safer and secure compared to using cash. Bitcoin is the best payment option especially for many freelancers. It is very easy to earn free bitcoins online as there are numerous sites that offer such opportunities by simply carrying out simple to do tasks for them.

If a person is a risk taker, then you can also try bitcoin gambling. This will give you a chance to double the number of bitcoins in your possession and if luck is on your side. You can instantly make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Gambling with bitcoins is no different from using regular cash. The rules of the game still remain the same and it can only be viewed as having higher stakes than a person who is using cash.

There are many games that currently accept bitcoins as bets. It is vital that a person is aware of them so as to get the full gambling experience. It will also assist a person in winning therefore giving them an amazing gambling experience. Most times it is advisable that you choose a game that you are skilled in. This will give you a boost in ensuring that you win.


Bitcoin gambling goes beyond ordinary casino games. You can find other games that provide one with the chance of using bitcoin as their bet. They provide a new way for people to enjoy gambling using bitcoins. The continuous advancement of online gambling has made it easier for winnings to be processed faster and at a shorter time. This has enabled bitcoins to create a safer and better gambling platform for all involved.

The benefits of using bitcoins in gambling are diverse and some of them include;

Faster clearance

The withdrawal times are shorter and winnings get cleared faster


This is mostly because of the digital currency and the complexity it holds that it cannot be hacked or lost easily


The games played using bitcoins as stakes are much fairer compared to those ones that use real money.

Using bitcoins should give a person the drive they need to engage in this game without fear of losing what they own. The numerous casinos available should give one plenty of time to decide their preferred casino. The best part is that these casinos have been approved by the casino gaming board and hence the interest of the gamers are well protected.

Media news from around the world

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in Automotive, Entertainment, Internet |


Something interesting happens every day and we all have world media to keep us informed about what those things are. But, things happen inside the media business too, and with the impact the media has on our lives, it is important to know them and be informed.

Top Gear Top Gear- the trouble that started when Top Gear’s host Jeremy Clarkson was fired from one of the BBC’s best and hottest shows seems to grow when it should stop. Jeremy Clarkson was fired a month ago after he was warned by the company several times, there were numerous complaints and warnings issued and finally, after one argument got a bit physical, the line was crossed. What started as a public disagreement with the decision to cancel their favorite host is turning into public war. At the beginning, Clarkson’s daughter tweeted how she wants her dad to be returned to his position since he is too boring to have at home all the time. Tweeter exploded soon after and now we can see protesters in front of the BBC building and an internet petition for his return that was signed by a staggering number of over 1 million people already. We are still waiting on this story’s epilogue.

Russian bloggers new-bloggags- it seems like there is a new set of rules waiting to be implemented on the Russian bloggers these days. In order to control or empower bloggers, depending on who you ask, new law will shift every blogger with 3000 or more daily hits to the position that is described by a special law. Here, bloggers will have the same rights as the mass media, but also the same sanctions and rules will apply. Those claiming that this will give bloggers more freedom claim that this will give them more rights, legal protection and better visibility on the public radar. Counter claims are saying that this will make bloggers easier to control and censor, so it is yet unknown what will actually happen. This special law is still not applied or legislated, but it could be very soon. So far, people with websites reaching more than 3000 people every day have to register in the national database and reveal their identities, as well as have respect to the public speech rules instated by the law.

Hotstar hotina- India made app that allows watching free content on the mobile devices broke all the records when download numbers are in question. It was downloaded 1 million times in only 40 days, compared to the second best Instagram app that waited 100 days to get the same amount of users. Hotstar revolutionized the way of streaming content and made it available for all users, spanning on over 7000 operating systems and on very low bandwidths, commonly found in India. Vast popularity can be traced to the national Cricket championship going on at the moment as the sport is very popular in India. Hotstar also allows users to watch Indian shows that are notorious for the great number of episodes, but with Hotstar it is now easy to view and search them since they are distributed in a way that is easy to use and understand.